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Dr. Ten is a board-certified anesthesiologist whose higher education began at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. After graduation, she moved back to her hometown, Chicago, Illinois, to obtain her medical doctorate at The University of Illinois. She then pursued a career in anesthesiology and completed her residency training at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

“…I advocate bringing vocational skills (electrical, carpentry, sewing, typing) back into public high schools. These skills once gave people opportunities to have a career out of high school, particularly those not going to college. “

Bragging Rights

Race In America: A Movement Not A Moment

This open dialogue features ten outspoken Bravolebrities, Black and White, who share their perspectives on race relations today…

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Dr. Ten is available for appearances in TV/Media, private retreats, in- studio recording, live/recorded virtual podcasts.

Mentoring opportunities are available for Pre-Med, Residents, Anesthesiologists, and Career Paths

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